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 Ranking Structure

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PostSubject: Ranking Structure   Ranking Structure I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 04, 2010 9:51 pm


Minor's Responsibilities:
1. Must register by the end of the week that you first join.
2. Must play ranked matches with your Special Ops.
3. Must register on


Ultra's Responsibilities:
1. Register at This must be done in a timely manner or their position in the squad will be terminated.
2. Learn, understand and follow the Honor Code.
3. Learn and follow the rank structure and chain of command.
4. Participate in squad activities


Special Operation's Responsibilities:
1. Follow the Honorcode.
2. Follow the chain of command
3. Register at and
4. Work closely with the Honor Guardsman and the Honor Guard Ultra to learn new game strategies, attend practices and train others.


Honor Guardsman's Responsibilities:
1. Assist the Honor Guard Ultra when running meetings, practices, training lower ranking members and screening potential recruits.
2. Follow and enforce the honor code.
3. Be a dedicated and an active member in the squad.
4. Take charge of meetings or practices if the Honor Guard Ultra is not present.


Honor Guard Ultra's Responsibilities:
1. Know, understand and be able to teach all the responsibilities of the lower ranks.
2. Act in a professional manner at all times.
3. Ensure members are following the honor code and have registered at
4. Be active online in the game and on the forums.
5. Show dedication and commitment while assisting your General run a successful clan.
6. Run weekly meetings and squad practices.
7. Evaluate and vote on new recruits.
8. Register on and/or, make challenges and play in clan matches
9. Train your Honor Guardsman as your replacement.
10. Follow the chain of command and take issues to your General not Higher ranks.


General's Responsibilities:
1. Know, understand and be able to teach all the responsibilities of the lower ranks.
2. Run and oversee all aspects of one clan.
3. Help other Generals when needed.
4. Maintain a members list at all times.
5. Update your members list on the forums on the 1st and 15th of every month.
6. Hold weekly meetings with Honor Guard Ultras and Honor Guardsman to discuss squad issues and pass on the latest community news.
7. Attend the MANDATORY meeting every Sunday or notify their Supreme Commander if they can not.
8. Make sure all members are competing on Game Battles and/or Clan Compete.
9. Handle issues in their squads with their Honor Guard Ultra and take only major infractions to Supreme Commanders.
10. Communicate in game and on the forums by spamming messages that are passed down from the higher ranks.
11. Make sure all Honor Guard Ultras are registered on and/or, making challenges and playing in clan matches.
12. Ensure all members know the rank structure and who the leaders are in the community.


Supreme Commander's Responsibilities:
1. Must be active on Xbox Live and the forums on a regular basis
2. Be available to hear new ideas, suggestions, comments and solve problems that arise within your section.
3. Work closely with their Generals to ensure that all members are playing in a professional manner and following the honorcode at all times.
4. Ensure that Generals post their clan list on time and finalize them by the 3rd and 17th of every month.
5. Keep discipline within the clans and report any infractions directly to Imperial Admirals.
6. Be a moderator on the website which means deciding what is appropriate and inappropriate and giving warnings to offenders when the forum rules are broken.
7. Post clan news, clan events and communicating with their clans via Xbox Live or Playstation Network.
8. Make sure Generals are fulfilling their responsibilities by evaluating them on a regular basis.


Imperial Admiral's Responsibilities:
1. Oversee and coordinate the Supreme Commanders.
2. Work closely with the Supreme Commanders to oversee all activity within their Division, and to ensure that all members are playing in a professional manner that represents Chaotic Gaming.
3. Keep an open line of communication with all the Supreme Commanders and hold weekly meetings to communicate the direction of the Community.
4. Start or Approve new clans.
5. Be a Moderator on the website which means enforcing the forum rules and guidelines by giving infractions or reporting members to the Council.
6. Post Division news, Division events and communicate with their Division via XBL or PSN.
7. Display sound judgment and decision making in all aspects of their online interaction.
8. Evaluate Generals for promotion to Supreme Commanders.


The Council works within a democratic structure voting on what is best for all of Chaotic Gaming. These ideals keep the community from being about one person’s quest.
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Ranking Structure
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